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Australian Christmas Stories

Australian Christmas Stories is a set of four audio stories all set in Australia during the hot summer Christmas period. Secular in orientation but warm and from the heart, each story reveals a different aspect of the Australian Christmas, from the contemporary fun of ‘Jack’s Christmas Surprise’ to the more serious subject soldier fathers returning from World War 1, to the scary Christmas when Cyclone Tracy hit the city of Darwin, to the story of the birth of a tiny, endangered Leadbeater’s Possum in the Australian bush.

‘Jack’s Christmas Surprise’  – contemporary Christmas story with an early primary school-aged protagonist – $2.99

‘Dawn’s Windy Christmas – an exciting story about the time a cyclone hit the tropical Australian city of Darwin – $2.99

‘Mary’s Wartime Story’ – a story from the point of view of an upper-primary-aged girl whose father serves in World War 1 and eventually returns home safe at Christmas time. – $2.99

‘Lexie’s Story’ – a secular re-telling of the nativity story with Australian bush animals – including the delightful but endangered Leadbeater’s Possum – as the key characters. $2.99

‘Australian Christmas Stories’ – all four stories in one album – $9.99

Format: MP3 (physical CDs available by special request – send us an email via our contact form)

All prices are in US dollars, owing to the publishing platform being located in the US – however, the author and narrator, Mairead Curran, is an Australian as is the publishing company, Haverin Books.